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How did we get to be one of the UK’s largest PVCu window and door fabricator? Based at multiple manufacturing sites across the UK, all of our divisions were originally individual businesses that through development and acquisition became the MASCO UK Window Group in 2001 which was then sold 2019 forming UK Window Group.

Then through business restructure and alignment we became UK Windows & Doors Group, and it was through this journey that transformed the business to what it is today. 



UK Windows & Doors Group incorporates ‘super fabricators’ Griffin Windows, Cambrain and Premier Trade Frames, along with dedicated glass manufacturer Techniglass, all based in South Wales. Based in Gloucestershire, you’ll find leading PVCu systems company Duraflex which has a long and distinguished pedigree in extrusion.

The most recent acquisition was Evolution, an industry leader in specialist ‘timber-alternative’ windows and doors manufacturer based in Bedfordshire. Completing the UKWDG divisions, we have our nationwide trade depot network, Sevenday Windows. These all work together to deliver a complete service offering to our customers through each of our business divisions.








1953   -Duraflex established with an initial focus on manufacturing Aluminium
1970   -Duraflex entered into the doors and windows sector
1988   -Cambrian Windows established
1990   -Duraflex developed their own PVCu extrusion operation
1995   -Sevenday established, Newport being the first branch
1991   -Griffin Windows and Premier Trade Frames established
1997   -Two more Sevenday branches opened as Sevenday continued to
           -Duraflex launched the Diamond Suite
2000   -Techniglass Established
2004   -Duraflex becomes a Limited company and is bought by Masco
             Corporation alongside Premier Trade Frames and Cambrian
           -Duraflex moved factory, warehose, and office to the one
              state-of-the-art, purpose build facility in Tewkesbury
2004   -Move of Factory, Warehouse and Office to one state-of-the-art, 
            purpose built facility in Tewkesbury
2005   -Evolution was founded and started manufacturing windows
             and doors 
2006   -Evolution was the first fabrication company to introduce white
             wood grain effect windows and doors
2007   -Evolution introduced the process of bespoke foiling and the
             development of the unique 36mm window bar
2008   -Group launched high performance Q-Lon world best weather seal
             as standard across Diamond Suite
2009   -Evolution launched their first branded window range called Storm
           -Group launched Cavity Closer
2012   -Extensive testing for all Group divisions including PAS 24 enhanced
              security for both windows and doors manufactured on the Duraflex
              Diamond Suite, Kitemarks for our glass units from Techniglass,
              and several ISO 9001 & 14001
2014   -Launch of SafeChoice
2015   -Acquired Evolution
           -Group launched 5 camber outer frame
2016   -Group launched standarded welded Flush sash, Aluminium Bi-Fold
            -UPVC bi-fold door, new and improved trickle vents and
              single leg bead
           -ISO 9001 Quality Management System Evolution
2017   -BS4873 / PAS24 Enhaned Security Aluminium Door System
              Supplier Duraflex
           -Innovative Flush casement window is launched
           -Unveiling of a dedicated Aluminium and PVCu Bi-fold Door System
2018   -Group launched extra large head (outer frame), one white,
              new Fully Reversible Window, Flush residental and Double Doors
2019   -Masco Corportation sold Masco UK Window Group,
              forming UK Windows & Doors Group
           -Launch of the new improved Bay Pole range and Timber Alternative
            Cottage Window System
2020   -Through business restructure and alignment became
              UK Windows & Doors Group
           -Taffs Well Hub opened
           -Further developement delivers 'eZee Fit Security' bead
           -ISO45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System
              Techniglass and Duraflex
           -'Home Creations' Range of marketing and sales support
              materials introduced
2021   -New Build Relaunch
           -Fully Reversible Relaunch to wider customer base
           -Timber Look Joint Flush Sash
           -Launched the new AOV Window, Cavity Closer,
              and Foil offering with additional Substrates









"UK Windows & Doors Group employ over 900 people throughout the UK, and is a key employer in the South Wales community. "