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Resin Surcharge November 2021

       Notice of a further surcharge increase from 2nd November 2021


In line with our previous monthly communications, the surcharge amount applicable to all orders on and from Tuesday 2nd November are detailed below-

  • November’s increase equates to a 20p per metre (Circa 3%) increase to the current surcharge to be implemented from Tuesday 2nd November
  • This is in addition to the previous 35p per metre previously communicated over the prior months
  • Therefore the revised surcharge being applied to orders delivered from Tuesday 2nd November, will be 55p per metre (Circa 8.33%)

Our latest market view and information from our suppliers is-   

  • UK Energy crisis has impacted us significantly with extraordinary increases incurred in October and year to go
  • Continued strong sales demand from all sectors that we supply into e.g. Retail, Newbuild & Trade
  • American imports broadly, still not available in the UK
  • UK Resin Supply impacted by a quality issue at source resulting in reduced resin supply for 2-3 weeks in October into November
  • Resin Force Majeures still in place across Europe and far higher than anticipated
  • Suppliers have now stated that a large percentage of the current surcharge will not return to pre surcharge levels

We have been notified of reduced supply in November from our resin supplier due to the quality issue noted above, this will mean tight management of resin for the next three weeks.