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Resin Surcharge October 2021

       Notice of a further surcharge increase from 4th October 2021


In line with our previous monthly communications, the surcharge amount applicable to all orders on and from Monday 4th October are detailed below-

  • October’s Resin increase equates to a 3p per metre (Circa 0.45%) increase to the current surcharge to be implemented from Monday 4th October
  • this is in addition to the previous 32p per metre previously communicated over the prior months
  • therefore the revised resin surcharge being applied from Monday 4th October, will be 35p per metre (Circa 5.33%)

Our latest view and information from our suppliers is:-

  • Continued strong demand from all sectors eg Retail, New build & Trade
  • American imports broadly, still not available in the UK
  • Resin Force Majeures still in place across Europe and far higher than anticipated
  • Continued uncertainty within raw material supply chains are still prevalent and therefore they are not forecasting any sign of easing
  • Suppliers are indicating that a large percentage of the current surcharge will not return to pre surcharge levels
  • Energy prices have risen sharply in the UK in recent weeks, this is something we are monitoring closely, if these persist, energy may end following a similar path to the Resin surcharge but we will endeavour to keep you posted.

We have been assured of continued supply of resin due to the strong relations with our suppliers over the last 25+ years and we are balancing robust negotiations with as said continued supply.

Our next review will be at the end of October, in the meantime we thank you again for your loyalty and custom, as always, we like others, are doing everything we can to maintain a continued and stable supply chain, through some very difficult and challenging times with not only resin, but all raw materials.