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Resin Surcharge April 2022

       Notice of a change in surcharge - 4th April 2022

We have now met with our key suppliers of Resin and glass, whilst negotiating with them it is clear that our longstanding relationship is ensuring that we have a level of priority on continued and sustained supply. That said, what is also clear is their indication that supply would not continue unless these increases are accepted. Sustained supply is paramount in our thoughts given the potential shortages that will probably hit the fenestration sector in the coming months, with this serious threat foremost in our thoughts, we have agreed to accept these inevitable increase for the reasons summarised.       
The increases are summarised below in our standard format for clarity -

  • In line with our previous monthly communications, the surcharge amount will apply to all deliveries from Monday 4th April 2022
  • This increase equates to a 36p per metre (Circa 5.4%) increase to the current surcharge
  • This is in addition to the last surcharge increase in early December 2021 which stood at 65p per metre (circa 9.81%)
  • Therefore the revised cumulative surcharge being applied to orders delivered from Monday 4th April, will be £1.01 per metre (Circa 15.21%)


  • Glass 5.4% increase on standard invioce costs on deliveries from Monday 4th April